Hospital Library Prep!

What is a typical day like at a hospital library?

If I want to work in a hospital library, what class(es) should I definitely take?

Why did you decide to work in a hospital library?

What changes are you noticing in your field? What comes next?

How many librarians and other staff work in the library here?

What’s the most difficult part of your job? When starting out what was the biggest adjustment you made?

What do you enjoy about the job/workplace?

Do you work with doctors only or patients as well?

What do you wish you’d known before starting? Or while still in school?

St. Catherine-specific advice?

Have you worked in other types of libraries? How is this different? or how is Allina different from other hospital libraries?

Did you take any “health science” library courses since St. Kate’s doesn’t offer any?

Applicable Links

Medical Librarianship: You Can Do It Too!

To Specialize, or Not To Specialize: How Do You Answer That Question?

Choosing a Specialization

How to Nail Any Informational Interview

So you want to be a medical librarian, perhaps? [Interview Edition]


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